Civil Industrial Construction

Thermal insulation panels and covers
for industrial and construction applications

Civil Industrial Construction
Civil Industrial Construction
Civil Industrial Construction

Dânica provides both industrialized and modular construction solutions that quickly and effectively meet the demands of projects of all sizes. For almost 40 years, the company has been applying its knowledge of thermal insulation systems in the Civil Construction market, a sector in which it is a hands-down industry leader, providing closing and roofing solutions for thermal insulation that are 100% industrialized and modular. Dânica’s solutions can be adapted to industrial and commercial projects, as well as residences, reducing labor costs and providing a significant increase in productivity. In addition, the company is active in project preparation and monitoring in a manner which simplifies entire processes through customizable solutions that are adapted to the builder’s reality.

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Civil Industrial Construction products

Steel/steel TermoRoof
Steel/film TermoRoof
Vertical Termowall
Horizontal Termowall

Civil Industrial Construction Projects

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