A rapid solution for commercial and industrial applications, TermoZip provides exceptional watertightness due to the fact that it is assembled without external openings. Panels are fastened together using an on-site radial machine seaming system, as well as metallic supports accommodating the roof’s natural expansion. The TermoZip also offers great value. It has a usable width of 1020 mm and a length of up to 12 m, which is specifically adjusted for each project. With clean, residue-free assembly, Termo Zip is designed to be used with lightning rods without the need for drilling, and is adaptable to roofs with up to 5% incline.


Available thicknesses: 30 mm | 50 mm | 70 mm*

Usable width: 1020 mm

Customized lengths: minimum: 2500 mm / maximum: 12,000 mm

* Contact our technical team for more information on panels with a thickness of 70 mm

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