Frigo is an isothermal panel consisting of two faces made from steel at a variety of thicknesses and in compliance with technical standards ABNT NBR 7013 and ASTM A924. It has a PUR / PIR / PIR HP foam insulation core that is perfect for a variety of applications in integrated isothermal systems such as freezer rooms, refrigerated distribution centers, and cooled environments in general.

Thicknesses available: 30 mm | 40 mm | 50 mm | 70 mm | 100 mm | 120 mm | 150 mm | 200 mm

Usable width: 1120 mm

Customized lengths: 2500 mm to 12,000 mm

Special panels*: Short pieces: less than 2500 mm - Long pieces: between 12,000 mm and 15,000 mm

* Industrialization and express shipping are provided with special panels. Subject to availability.

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