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Residential Civil Construction

Thermal comfort for
houses and residential complexes

Residential Civil Construction
Residential Civil Construction
Support Structures
Residential Civil Construction
Temporary Housing
Residential Civil Construction
Residential Civil Construction

Dânica offers complete solutions for any job site, meeting client needs for housing, offices, cafeterias, and other operational buildings, with modular designs that attend to the necessities of this sector. 

  • Quick and clean construction
  • Steel walls with PIC foam insulation cores
  • Fire-resistant
  • Increased thermal comfort
  • Reduced energy consumption related to temperature control
  • Removes need for lining
  • Self-supporting walls
  • Finished walls, painting after assembly not required
  • 100% disassembly
  • Also available as a kit for self-assembly
  • Meets requirements of technical standard NR-18
  • Accepted by Brazil's top insurance providers
  • Low maintenance - repainting only required after 7 years

Thermal comfort for houses and residential complexes

  • Offices
  • Cafeterias
  • Houses
  • Support Structures
  • Temporary Housing
Canteiro Sustentável

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Residential Civil Construction products

Steel/steel TermoRoof
Steel/film TermoRoof
Vertical Termowall
Horizontal Termowall
LDR - Lã de rocha (Rockwool)

Residential Civil Construction Projects

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